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Big Bang Lab ( is a participatory music and media social enterprise based in London. Working from communication consultancy to learning and production, we promote digital skills, public engagement and knowledge sharing across generations by enabling open communication between seniors and young people to achieve and foster social change
in their communities. 

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Our Services

  • Communication Consultancy
  • Employee engagement across generations
  • Creative mindfulness
  • Collaborative Music & Media Learning
  • Research & Evaluation
  • Transmedia Production
  • Online Marketing videos

Our participatory and crowd sourced production methods are unique and inclusive. We shoot from within to offer a genuine story by training the users, employers of an organisation to work together and co-produce the content in context. The process adds double value: brings people together and produces genuine content. 
We enable a collaborative culture within communities and organisations so they become more innovative, competitive and effective by using their internal assets and untapped intangible human resources. 

Our Lab promotes social innovation based on co-operative royalty management and ethical copyright, intergenerational and intercultural knowledge transfer so our work becomes sustainable and there is a return back to the community. This is our mission, our framework of Cultural Social Responsibility. 

Crowdversations® is our flagship methodology which enables the collection of data using conversational video production via workshops, facilitation and interventions. We help to produce intelligent online video platforms so the content can be accessible worldwide internally or open to the consumer

This allows open distribution of content for knowledge sharing and archiving as well as for marketing or internal evaluation purposes by producing video reports. 

As a peer to peer research tool, crowdversations are useful to measure the collective knowledge of messy environments, making sense of the feelings, opinions and wisdom of the crowd. 

The full cycle of a crowdversation involves 4 stages

  • Design
  • Co-production
  • Online Platform
  • Social Media Distribution
  • Data Analysis

Check out this presentation on Crowdversations ®  

Example of a crowdversation is Creative Generation, an intergenerational media learning programme delivered in Social Housing.

From Learning & Knowledge to Wisdom Our vision is to enable digital creative citizens to drive the future of cities transforming a network Housing Estates on Digital Learning Hubs, starting by capturing what residents feel, know and think to enable social innovation and continuing further implementing a co-operative royalty distribution as a sustainable development model.

Watch this video about our vision 

Big Bang Lab on Vimeo

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